Why You Should Invest in a Team of Social Media Specialists

Having a social media specialist in your team can mean the difference between lousy and mediocre social media visibility, to an exceptional one. Want to know how to boost your social media marketing? Read on to see more!

Why You Should Invest in a Team of Social Media Specialists

Did you know that 55% of consumers discover your brand through social media?

Among this 55%, 78% are Gen Zs, 61% are millennials, 56% are from the Gen X, and 35% are baby boomers.

In today’s digital age, Social Media Marketing is essential for brands. You need to know which channels are suitable for your organization and your target market. Each platform needs a specific approach as each has its unique set of audience.

Effective marketing is a necessity for your brand to gain more traction, engagements, and reach. This can be achieved through thorough content planning and a wide knowledge on the fast-paced world of social media.

You can choose to create or outsource a team of social media specialists for your business.

Here’s an example of an ideal team to handle your social media content:

1) The Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the ones who know your brand inside-out. They create and oversee the plan for your social media strategy, goals, and marketing plan.

Exploring the channels that your company uses is also a part of their responsibility. They get to see the trends online and plan your company’s possible content for the month with that.

2) The Content Creator

Content creators directly support the social media manager. Their main responsibility is to produce a marketing copy of the products and services of your company. They could do this through writing and publishing blogs, producing publication materials, and creating digital content.

Lead generation and finding creative ways to advertise your business’ products and services are also within the scope of their responsibilities.

3) The Social Media Data Analyst

Social Media Analysts study the gathered data from your platforms and turn them into reports, such as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports, on how well your organization is doing online. These data can be in the form of search appearances, website clicks, engagements, post reach, and interactions.

They measure the ROI on your social media platforms and give insights on areas where your business can improve.

4) The Community Manager

Community managers handle your online communities per channel. They respond to customer concerns, business inquiries, and are responsible for growing your online community.

This role is usually associated to a people person—someone who is easy going and comfortable in communicating with people. Having a people person take on this role is a plus for your company as they also represent your brand in the virtual world.

5) The Paid Media Specialist

Paid media specialists take charge of your paid marketing advertisements, whether it’s on print or digital. They find platforms where most of your target market can be reached and boost your advertisements there.


Investing in a team of social media specialists is one thing you should consider if you want to boost your presence online and create content that would engage possible customers for your brand.

No matter the size of your team, the key is to form balance among the roles. One can work on managing and planning, while another can work on research and analysis. The rest can do the content creation and publishing.

Finding the balance between these roles helps your team become productive. It also allows your business to be more visible in the virtual world.