The New Marketing Interns of Mangtas

Another set of Interns for the Marketing team of Mangtas? No problem! Meet Cza, Kami, and Jackie of the Asia Pacific College as we get to know them in this blog made especially for them! Read on!

The New Marketing Interns of Mangtas

Last January 2022, the Mangtas family was growing so quickly that we had more space to take in fresh and open-minded interns to take on the challenge of the Mangtas life!

There were lots of challenges that came their way amidst their internship life, but boy did they deliver!

The three new interns are Cza, Kami, and Jackie from Asia Pacific College.

Kami is Trisha’s partner when it comes to helping with the podcast production and contacting the guests! The success of Mangtas Nation is all because of Kami and Trish!

Kami is that one intern who gives hundreds of solutions when confronted with one problem. She’s probably the shyest when compared with all three of them, but she doesn’t fall short with any task there is! Mangtas is definitely fortunate to have such a hardworking lady as Kami!

Cza is Hero’s partner when it comes to writing blogs, proofreading articles, creating blog banners, and doing content strategy. Something that Mangtas can never do away without.

More than Cza’s bubbly attitude, she finishes tasks that all of us are only starting to think about. This makes us ponder whether she has the ability to read minds or not! She’s attentive, proactive, and above all, the best intern among the three! (Biased because she’s duos with the content writer who’s currently writing this blog! Hahahaha!)

The intern behind all the confusion around Mangtas (because the Chief Marketing Officer is also named Jacki), Jackie! Kidding aside, Jackie helps April with the visuals on Pinterest and is currently working on a big one: revamping Mangtas’ website!

Jackie’s one of a kind when it comes to her friendly and positive personality! Aside from being approachable, she is also one of those that are silent but deadly when it comes to working with Mangtas! Jackie is definitely not one to be underestimated!

The Mangtas family wouldn’t be complete without these three interns’ puzzle pieces completing the picture! Internship with Mangtas definitely becomes one of a kind when talented people such as Cza, Kami, and Jackie take the spotlight!

These ladies are bound for greater heights as they continue their internship with Mangtas and achieve great things today and in the future!

Welcome to Mangtas!