The 7 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs

Read on for the 7 fastest-growing tech jobs!

The 7 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs

Technology has evolved into an extremely powerful driving force for individuals, businesses, and governments.

It has resulted in benefits such as speed, quality, efficiency, quick decision-making, convenience, and cost savings – for both individuals and organizations.

As the technology sector grows hotter by the day, so do the job opportunities. The introduction of technology, particularly digital technology, has had a significant impact on the traditional job scenario.

Let's discuss the 7 fastest-growing tech jobs to rule the tech world in the foreseeable future.

1. Database Administrator

Today, data is arguably the most valuable asset for businesses and governments. It enables them to analyze situations, plan for contingencies, and make quick decisions to achieve their goals.

A database administrator aids in the structure of data and ensures that it is properly stored and accessible. The person is required to know Structured Query Language, better known as SQL, and other programming languages to create, maintain, manage, secure, or migrate the database.

Projected future growth: 11% by 2026

2. Software Developers

A software developer is the brains behind a computer application. Some software engineers work on apps, while others work on systems. They frequently collaborate with computer programmers.

A bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering, or a computer-related field is essential for software developers. In some circumstances, a mathematics degree is sufficient.

A standard academic degree is not always necessary, given today's online coding boot camps and other alternative learning approaches.

Projected future growth: 24% through 2026

3. Web developer

Because of the digital revolution, businesses and organizations now have to create online identities to reach their target audience quickly and efficiently. This has brought web developers center-stage.

They create websites that are tailored to the needs of their clients by utilizing a variety of programming languages and software tools.

Generally, web development can be learned as a part of technical education in colleges, polytechnics, or technical institutes. At the same time, there are several skill-development centers run by non-profit organizations teaching courses on web development.

Projected future growth: 15% by 2022

4. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts investigate a company's computer systems and procedures and design or revamp them to make the systems operate more efficiently.

Computer systems analysts must understand both information technology (IT) and business needs and limitations, as their jobs require them to consult with managers to determine their IT-related needs.

Projected future growth: 9% by 2026

5. Mobile App Developers

Mobile apps have grown in importance as smartphones have become the primary means of accessing and sharing information, products, and services.

The names of Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Makemytrip, Amazon, and Zomato, among others, have become household names. They assist people in a variety of tasks such as paying utility bills, communicating, booking cabs, playing video games, ordering food, and so on.

Because of the increased demand for these apps, mobile app developers are in high demand in the job market.

Companies are looking for experts who can build native or hybrid apps for omnichannel platforms (iOS, Android, & Windows). While studying software engineering or computer science, one can learn about mobile app technologies.

A mobile app developer is listed number three in the top 10 best jobs of the future list by ThinkAdvisor.

Projected future growth: 57% through 2021

6. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts help companies understand what products consumers want, who will buy them, and how much they cost. They collect data on consumers and products, analyze them, and prepare reports for clients.

Market research analyst is listed at number 9 of the top 10 jobs of the future by ThinkAdvisor.

Projected future growth: 32% through 2022

7. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts plan and carry out procedures to safeguard a company's computer networks and systems, and because a security breach can happen at any time, employees in these roles must be flexible.

Projected future growth: 28% through 2026

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The world of business is rapidly changing with the advent of technology. The above-mentioned tech jobs shall remain relevant in the future as well.

Candidates looking to leverage the opportunity can update themselves with the necessary skills.

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