Outsourcing as a Solution to the Great Resignation

One adverse effect of the Covid-19 pandemic in the corporate world is the Big Quit. This left companies with a huge problem in employment. But in one of our podcast episodes, the COO of Cake Defi, and ex-LinkedIn Global Head of Vendor Solutions, talked about a possible solution. Read on!

Outsourcing as a Solution to the Great Resignation

The “Great Resignation” or the “Big Quit” is a phenomenon that describes a large number of people that leave their jobs during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rationale behind this phenomenon is that, during the long lockdowns and quarantine, employees started re-evaluating their career paths and decided to leave their jobs in record numbers.

Because of this, companies are facing the challenge of finding ways on how to keep and replenish qualified talents efficiently.

What is more interesting is that researchers found a trend that resignation rates are highest among the technology and healthcare industries.

In the first episode of Mangtas Nation Season 2, we invited Glenn Huybrecht, the COO of Cake Defi, and ex-LinkedIn Global Head of Vendor Solutions to talk about Outsourcing and Tech of the Future.

There, he revealed that he is a firm believer that outsourcing can be a solution for the Great Resignation, and he laid down substantial grounds for why.

Let’s find out!

1. Outsourcing cuts the employment process

As described by Glenn in our podcast episode, a 5% normal cycle of annual resignation rate can increase up to 15% in the Great Resignation.

For example, in a company with a thousand (1000) employees, that would be one hundred (100) people that you have to hire.

He further emphasized that for each hiring process, you need to post job listings, screen candidates, follow up on interview schedules, and do some other hiring operational standards.

Generally, hiring is just a tedious and time-consuming process, much more if you need to employ large number of talents. Glenn stated that it can “not [be] feasible and practical to just keep going to this cycle of rinse and repeat and kind of replenishing in all of the jobs.”

This is where outsourcing comes in.

Outsourcing significantly cuts the laborious employment procedures by prescreening talents for you and have them ready to take on job positions.

And not only that, they can also pull-out people from various programs immediately, all the while ensuring that your requirements and criteria are met.

2. Outsourcing provides large talent pools

When a bunch of people turn over your company, you need the same number of individuals to take over, or maybe even more.

But, with the increasing market competition, talent acquisition can become harder especially in great numbers. Just imagine the resources that your company might have to use up in order to hire, let’s say, 50-100 people.

Fortunately, with the rise of freelancing, Glenn says that outsource providers have a “pool of talents that is available to them [and] a lot larger.”

He explained that this is because outsource providers have talent pipelines – this refers to the individual candidates who are ready to fill a position. These candidates are assured to have partially or fully prequalified to take on job openings.

So, instead of internally searching and calling for competitive individuals in the grassroots and through numerous human resource platforms, outsource providers will have them prepared for you in numbers.

3. Outsourcing covers more locations

Outsource providers are all over the world.

Sometimes, the best talents are known to live in cities that do not have the same time zone as you.

For example, you are a European company that wants to have software developers from India.

Glenn said “it [would] be difficult for businesses to go there and recruit.” He explained that outsourcing providers may have an already existing office there or may even have networks that could connect you to them.

Through this, attracting people from particular locations with niche skillsets becomes faster and easier.

In relation to covering more location,

4. Outsourcing cuts paperwork for relocation

Glenn also tapped into the possibilities of relocating employees.

The problem, however, is the arduous paperwork that you might have to go through to finally have your employees be in the same place as you are or some other place that you need them to be in.

He mentioned that outsource providers can do that for you.

Say, you need someone from Eastern Europe to be stationed in Dublin or you need your Japanese employee to be with you in Kuala Lumpur.

Glenn described how outsourcing can cut paperwork. He stated that “they [usually have] very good working relationships with the immigration officers because that’s what they do.”

Outsource providers do not only bring in talents to you, but they can also take care of the paperwork and visas.

That’s a lot of time, money, and effort saved for other important business development affairs.

5. Outsourcing helps businesses grow

Aside from providing solutions for problems caused by the Great Resignation – outsourcing also helps businesses expand.

According to Glenn, “It’s not perfect because they also face the same resignation issues, but at the same time it’s a great compliment for businesses to grow.”

Outsourcing provides companies and organizations with external help. Giving them more networks and just a wider horizon that can build a strong foundation for future reach.


Fluidity, flexibility, and accessibility are just three of the key characteristics of outsourcing that alleviate a lot of burdens for companies, especially for startups.

Outsourcing plays a huge role in addressing current market gaps and is envisioned to do so even for the time to come.

Taking the words of Glenn Huybrecht, “If the last 2 years have taught us anything, [it] is that – if you have an internet connection and we can reach you, you can contribute.”

We are all looking forward to the vibrant future of tech. Surely, with the current innovations, outsourcing still has a lot to offer other than being a solution for mass employment.

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