Meet the Tech Alliance Interns of Mangtas

We proudly announce another set of Interns for the Tech Alliance Team of Mangtas! Meet AJ and Clarisse of Asia Pacific College as we get to know them in this blog made especially for them! Read on!

Meet the Tech Alliance Interns of Mangtas

In a previous article, we introduced our three new Marketing interns who shared their experiences working with Mangtas, and now, our family has grown to include two innovative personalities who will be joining us in this exciting journey of the Mangtas start-up life!

Last February 2022, we had our next batch of interns from Asia Pacific College joining the Tech Alliance Team, the very backbone of Mangtas. Their team is in charge of looking for, connecting, vetting, and coordinating with vendors to be able to give our client’s the best service possible.

They share that despite their fast-paced work with the department, their favorite working area is our chill and cozy Mangtas Virtual Bar.

They’ve continually shown how determined they are to improve and contribute more to the success of Mangtas, and we sure are rooting for them!

With that, it is our delight to introduce to you our two new Tech Alliance interns: AJ and Clarisse!

As new members of the Tech Alliance Department, AJ and Clarisse work hand-in-hand in accomplishing their tasks related to Sales, HR, and Operations – a perfect summary of what Tech Alliance is all about.

Our two interns practice great teamwork and camaraderie to achieve both their individual and department objectives.

It is a must that they take initiative and are proactive in assisting their team, considering the very detailed nature of their work. They aim to go above and beyond what is expected of them, as any decision they make affects the department as a whole, more so for a start-up such as Mangtas.

AJ and Clarisse assist the team in making sure that the endorsements of candidates to the clients go smoothly and efficiently. They also assist in searching, onboarding, and vetting vendors.

Both of our interns do their best to help each other out with their shared tasks, meaning they’ve got each other’s back!

Though AJ and Clarisse are still currently interns, they are viewed as valuable employees and members of the team. They share that they are able to openly communicate with their superiors and are treated with mutual respect – which is the very culture of Mangtas.

In three months, our Tech Alliance Department interns have experienced both the ups and downs of the fast-paced work, which have helped them drastically grow as individuals and have made them who they are today.

Their main tasks include converting and verifying vendor candidate CVs, brainstorming and developing strategies on how to attract the right vendors and clients, attending interviews, and personally interacting and presenting what Mangtas does as a company to potential vendors.

When asked about his internship experience with Mangtas, he said:

“My first impression in Mangtas was kind of intimidating because everyone was working really hard while their cameras are open.

The way we should communicate without "po" and "opo" was really awkward for me at first, as it took me weeks to be comfortable not using Filipino honorifics.

But, my first impression didn't last long as I am grateful to share my internship with one of the most caring, thoughtful, and funny mentors.

They take care of our entire well-being and our mental health. There is not a single dull moment whenever we are in Gather from working with different vendors to sharing our dreams with one another.

In the future, I want to become a good mentor to my juniors just like how my seniors helped, cared, and taught me valuable things. I want these values to be passed on to the next generation and societies' future leaders.”

When it comes to assigned tasks, AJ won’t stop until he’s finished with everything he needs to do! His confidence encourages those around him to do their best as well.

AJ is able to speak his mind, ask the right questions, and utilize constructive criticism well to further improve himself.

With his laser focus and great potential to become a leader, AJ is definitely on his way!

Sharing her internship experience in Mangtas, this is what Clarisse has to say:

“I think that Mangtas has a cool work culture as it gave me a millennial vibe since the time I got interviewed.

When I got hired and introduced to the team, I wasn't wrong!

They are work-focused but still manage to maintain great relationships inside the team.

I look forward to continue building this good relationship with Mangtas, and so far, they already helped me to grow.”

Incredibly organized and efficient, Clarisse lists her tasks and jots down what she has already been able to accomplish.

Though she’s more reserved and introverted, she shared that she feels more comfortable talking to the team now after spending quality time with them.

When it comes to her work ethic, Clarisse shows confidence when presenting to vendors as she applies what she has learned about TAM’s onboarding processes and about Mangtas in general.

Though she may be quite shy, she is able to step up when the situation calls for it! Clarisse is definitely someone we can all rely on.

It is no secret that both AJ and Clarisse play an important role when it comes to interacting and presenting to our partners and vendors. Without them, it just doesn’t feel complete. Mangtas has the right vendor partners and these two amazing interns have contributed to it.

Two more puzzle pieces to add to the Mangtas family to complete the picture!

When exceptional people like AJ and Clarisse take the stage, career training with Mangtas becomes something worth remembering!

These two talented individuals have a bright future ahead of them as they grow with us through their internship with Mangtas and become better versions of themselves!

Welcome to Mangtas!

Watch out for our next blog featuring some more innovative problem solving and more technical interns this time from the Software Development Department!