Meet the Software Development Interns of Mangtas

We proudly announce another set of interns who joined us in the Software Development Team of Mangtas! Meet Teddy, Vivian, JJ, and Japhet from Siliman University and the University of St. La Salle as we get to know them in this blog made especially for them! Read on!

Meet the Software Development Interns of Mangtas

As you have read in our two previous articles, we introduced our three Marketing interns and two Tech Alliance interns who gave us a sneak peek of the work culture and learning experiences available in Mangtas. Now, we are proud to share that we have four more innovative and imaginative interns who joined us in the Software Development Department!

During the first quarter of the year, another batch of interns from Siliman University and the University of St. La Salle joined our Software Development Department, the hands-on problem solvers of Mangtas. Their team is in charge of front-end development, back-end development, web design, API integration, and others which involve a lot of technical know-how.

It is a pleasure to introduce to our dear readers our four Software Development interns – Teddy, Vivian, JJ, and Japhet!

Due to the technical nature of their work, our interns have learned how to work both independently and by groups, helping them gain more confidence in themselves and enhance their teamwork skills. They are assigned great responsibilities through individual task assignments which they are able to accomplish according to the needed timeline.

As a team, they are very involved with all the technicalities involved in creating the Mangtas website. They work hand-in-hand with the other departments, such as Marketing, who are in charge of the creative designs to be showcased on the site.

They are very much in sync with the other departments as well, such as Finance and Tech Alliance, as they are in charge of executing the proposed plans of their colleagues. The main role of the Software Development Department is to bring all of these ideas together and bring them to life through their critical thinking skills and technical capabilities.

The team is in charge of updating everything while working behind the scenes, both front end and back end, through coding and programming the visuals envisioned by the Marketing department. This just proves how hardworking our new interns are as they give all their best efforts to make certain all technical functionalities are going smoothly.

Currently, our interns are working on creating feedback forms. Once they face an obstacle, they work together to find solutions.

When asked about his internship experience with Mangtas, he shared:

“My first impression of Mangtas is fresh. The dynamics and the culture is something I have never experienced before. Mangtas is like a new and refreshing taste of corporate life. Mangtas is growing and I am looking forward to growing with it and taking on the opportunities that come with that growth.”

Our first intern, Teddy, is presently working on the integration of HubSpot with the aim of having updates directly sent to HubSpot, especially if there are significant changes.  For example, if there is a need to generate a test for a candidate, a trigger from Hubspot will send the data to the marketplace to generate a specific type of test. Though Teddy works in the background, he truly shines as an intern. To summarize his role, he focuses on API integrations and working on HubSpot, Adaface, and marketplace integration. He also helps his partner, Nise, in working on one of her deliverables: UX/UI design.

Now, let’s get to know Teddy more! He shares that he is able to work on his own time and takes note of how much time he spends working on a task. He tends to wake up early, so you’ll see him working hard from 7 am to 12 nn, then allowing himself to rest, thus, he resumes work after 5 pm. One of the great things about working in Mangtas is the flexibility of time given matters are not as urgent. He is able to work at his own pace and enjoys the time he is able to stay productive while still being able to take care of himself. He had previously worked with companies with definite schedules and says that there were days he had lost his productivity due to such a rigid schedule.

As someone who thinks outside the box, he is able to attack problems from different angles and come up with unconventional solutions. He is definitely a practical and logical thinker, being able to come up with efficient solutions to present to his team. He is also a fast worker as you can expect him to be done with his work within the hour it was given, but he never compromises the quality of his output.

According to his co-workers, Teddy has been an absolute rockstar, jack-of-all-trades, and a great team player. He possesses deep technical expertise and is always willing to learn more. He has also demonstrated great communication skills and professionalism while interacting with the team, and is always available to respond.

Welcome to Mangtas, Teddy. You have been so stellar!

Sharing her internship experience in Mangtas, this is what Vivian has to say:

“I kind of knew that Mangtas has a great work environment based on the feedback of the previous interns and I was very excited to experience it myself. My first impression was that Mangtas has great employees who are willing to teach us and let us grow along with them. During our internship, it turned out that I loved the enthusiasm that they have shown us. You could really see that they were very passionate and they know how to create an environment with life-work balance. In the future, I hope that Mangtas will grow bigger and maintain the quality of their team.”

Our next intern is Vivian, also a vital part of the Software Development team. Her main task is focused on web design and UI & UX design.

During the first three months of her internship, she helped with front-end development and UI design for the administration information on the Mangtas page. She is also in charge of web development using Webflow, overhauling the landing page, “About Us” page, Services page, and improving Mangtas’ online presence.

She relays that as a member of the Software Development team, one really has to learn how to be a problem solver. You have to ask the right questions and proceed in creating your own solutions. At first, Vivian wasn’t familiar with Webflow and a challenge posed was its high learning curve, but due to her determination and tenacity, she did her best to do courses and practice every day. She also reached out to her other colleagues for advice. She overcame her shyness since everyone was so helpful and approachable to her, and it made her so happy! “When you’re working in a team, you should be able to collaborate with people.” Well-said, Vivian!

She describes herself to sometimes feel restless when she is still searching for solutions, but that just increases her motivation to do her best to help out the team!

Her colleagues share that she is another rockstar for UI development (our UIf expert) and she took complete ownership of developing new landing pages for the organization, learning Webflow, coordinating between different teams, and getting ready within the stringent timeline. She has demonstrated great communication skills. She is kind, friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to! She also makes sure to be accountable for her work and is considered reliable and a great team player.

Vivian has done so well and we are surely proud of her work here in Mangtas!

Sharing his internship experience in Mangtas, this is what JJ has to say:

“When I first got into Mangtas I didn't fully understand what they do and was lowkey worried I'd not be able to contribute much to the team. Today, I have a better idea of what Mangtas aims to be and believe that it's a good goal. I also am thankful to be part of a helpful team who really helped me improve in my work. In the future, I hope to see myself being able to contribute even more through my work.”

JJ is one of our problem solvers who oversees API integration and feature implementation. He is able to wholly help the team in creating a summary of talents that is for exclusive access to the administration. He worked on implementing e-signatures through the PandaDoc API. With his technical abilities, he’s definitely made it easier for his team to access needed information!

According to his colleagues, JJ is considered as an expert in back-end development and has great communication skills. He keeps his colleagues engaged with his stories and passion about game development and AR/VR technologies. One surely won’t be surprised if one day, JJ becomes a game developer with a million subscribers in the future! He always has a great background image in teams with game themes. That’s just how talented he is! With such a great aptitude for this job, JJ is able to contribute so much to the company.

As a worker, he tends to divide his work throughout the day and does not tend to stress over his pending tasks. But, make no mistake, he does not neglect it either! A champion of a good work-life balance, JJ is definitely hardworking while making sure to stay mentally healthy.

His time here in Mangtas had been very insightful and a great experience for him. He shared that it really helped him better understand himself as a programmer and discover the things he likes. He enjoys working in a team and is truly grateful for the experience and opportunity to try working in a proper professional environment.

We’re thankful for you too, JJ, keep it up!

When asked about his internship experience with Mangtas, he said:

“My first impression of Mangtas is a competent company that is also composed of competent teams, especially the development team. My first impression turned out to be true, so I did my best to be on equal footing with the other developers. I expect Mangtas would grow into a big company sooner or later.”

Last but not the least, we have our intern Japhet whose main responsibility is software development, API integration, maintenance of the responsiveness of the Mangtas website, and working with clients in different timezones. He is also responsible for building features that involve back-end development.

Just like his colleagues, Japhet maintains a healthy work style and practices a good work-life balance. He makes sure to make time for himself to rest and relax, which then gives him the energy to work hard and stay focused on the things he needs to deliver. If there is a task that he may not be familiar with, he is unsure of what to do, or if it is his first time tackling that specific problem, he gets on top of it very quickly as Japhet is a very fast learner!

He shared that for the past four months, he enjoyed the experience of working in a team as he was able to learn a lot, especially about himself and his likes and dislikes. Working in Mangtas helped enhance his insights into programming, giving him ideas as to what his future career may look like in software development.

His colleagues describe him to be a fast learner, active, athletic, open-minded, and an amazing team player. He is a great listener, though he may sometimes be shy! But, you don’t have to worry, because he will always be willing to go the extra mile to help out the team.

Everyone’s got a friend in Japhet!

With that, we have introduced to you our four Software Development interns – Teddy, Vivian, JJ, and Japhet! Getting to know them more as colleagues and friends have been delightful, and we are lucky to have them become part of the Mangtas family.

When extraordinary people like Teddy, Vivian, JJ, and Japhet showcase their skills behind the scenes, an internship with Mangtas becomes exciting! Plus, our systems work smoothly! It’s all thanks to these four interns who have played a big part in it.

We wish our four problem solvers all the best and they definitely have a promising future ahead of them as they learn more about their chosen fields.

Once again, welcome to Mangtas!

That’s the last batch of interns who joined our family last January 2022 to February 2022.

Looking forward as well to other interns who will be joining us in the future!