Internship at Mangtas: A Glimpse of What it's Like to Work with Us

Internship at Mangtas? No problem! We make sure that everyone is a part of the Mangtas team, be that an employee who’s already working regularly or an intern who wishes to learn more about the professional life. Want to know more about what exactly our interns do? Read further!

Internship at Mangtas: A Glimpse of What it's Like to Work with Us

An internship can be an essential part of the growth of an individual as they go through college. This is where classroom concepts become tools that help facilitate career growth in a professional setup.  An internship can develop people’s character and enable them to start to get a taste of the working environment.

Internships can be advantageous for students as it allows them to create solid foundations on their expertise, interests, and connections. By this, the responsibility is not shouldered by the students alone, but also by the organization that hosts them.

We, at Mangtas, meticulously host these interns and make sure that they leave the startup not only as improved individuals but as evolved ones. We evaluate them carefully and mentor them to the best of our ability.

Quality check will always be a part of our standards, and what better way is there to exhibit this than to ask our interns directly?

In this article, we asked our interns for input about their internship experience at Mangtas and what aspects make a Mangtas internship unique, among others.

Software Development Team Interns

The first team we’re featuring is from the software development team interns!

Nice Hermano was proud to say that her internship experience at Mangtas has been “rewarding.”

“I have learned many things, in some way, this word expresses how I feel growing more ways than one. Overcoming the hardships you experience through learning is very rewarding – to your mind, person and self.

What makes Mangtas internship unique is the people. It is hard to come by a comfortable working environment on the get go, especially for a person like me who finds it hard to connect with other people.”

As an intern for the software development team, Nice is responsible for developing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Mangtas. This includes the sign-ups and projects, Return of Investment, (ROIs), and the monthly KPIs (GMV, RPR, MAU, etc.). This type of data is really important in order to know the current standpoint of the company. Nice also deals with backend workflows and data handling.

For Denise Ysabelle Alvarez, her internship has been “cool.”

“Cool because no one in Mangtas is boring. The co-founders started out as football teammates. Move over, Google. Mangtas is the newest, coolest, and most hip tech company to work in.What makes Mangtas internship unique is the company culture! I don’t feel like the typical disposable overworked employee. I feel well taken cared of by Mangtas, as if we were family. My supervisor is incredibly understanding and knows how to manage a virtual team with flexible hours really well. Plus, he likes to give motivational speeches almost everyday which would make him a good speaker for TED Talks!

Nobody in Mangtas is dull, gray, or stiff. My internship experience was definitely a colorful and happy experience.”

According to Denise, she helps out with the fundamentals of Management Information Systems (MIS). She was also able to dip her toes in User Experience (UX). She also assisted in a “Sprint” which required the improvement of the UX flow for the project status between a client and a team. From that, she was able to run a usability test with candidates and learned the basics of Figma for wireframing. She then applied the UX designer’s recommendations and findings to Mangtas’ website while prioritizing other tasks. She did all these through, an ingenious no-code platform.

Kurt Codina’s experience as a Mangtas intern has been “illuminating”.

“We always hear about startups in the news, that they’re bold, innovating, and game-changing. My internship experience was illuminating because it showed me what it’s like to actually be in one, it showed me that startups are hugely about the people behind them. Illuminating because I saw how a singular idea could bring people together.

My internship in Mangtas was unique because I almost didn’t feel like an intern at all. Mangtas made us feel like our contributions mattered a lot.”

As a software development intern, Kurt is responsible for constantly adding features to the website which includes upgrading existing functionalities in both the front and back ends. He generally enhances the website and its interactive features to suit both the teams’ and the clients’ preferences.

Marketing Team Interns

The second set of interns comes from the Marketing team!

April thinks of her internship experience with the Marketing team as “challenging.”

“In Mangtas, every department has to constantly evolve, adapt, and explore. In the Marketing department specifically, which I am a part of, we have to constantly explore how to leverage every social media platform and multimedia production in order to maximize our reach and engagement with the audience. Thus, we are always exposed to a rather fast-paced landscape and interface, and with that we have to incessantly experiment on what works and what doesn’t.

It’s always a joy to have to experience this type of environment because it trains you and you learn at the same time. Not only do you learn about the company, how to work with the people is part of it; you also learn about yourself and your capabilities. It’s almost cliche to say this as I have said this multiple times, but internship in Mangtas is unique because of how I don’t work for the company, but I work with the company. So, there’s mutual growth. “

April is behind all the brilliant graphic designs for advertisements running around Mangtas’ social media. She is well-versed in a number of tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva, to name a few. She’s able to maximize her abilities and create extraordinary output from her initial ideas. She also helps manage our social media accounts along with it, including data analytics which helps tell where the startup is going. Her outstanding job has helped Mangtas grow over 100% of its audience so far.

Trish defines her Mangtas internship as “confident.”

“I used to be easily discouraged and shy of voicing out my ideas and solutions. I'm afraid that people would call me dumb, stupid or irrelevant but Mangtas helped me realize this prejudice I had for myself. It was this time that I dealt with the transitioning from the academic world to the real corporate setting. While realizing this, I found my space to grow and loosen the fear I had in speaking or letting people know how I feel and think.

I realized that If I'll not do something to pace myself up, I'll be stuck in my own hole and become stagnant in progress. The short time I had with Mangtas revived the confidence in me and helped me realize that my ideas have a place in the social field. I am heard. Mangtas internship has a welcoming, supportive, and equal environment where you can meet new people without feeling inferior. Mangtas' employees are easy to get along with and they'll always give space for your presence. Apart from this, they help you articulate your ideas into concrete ones and do not just scratch your potentials and contributions. They make it big and considered. I think this is what makes Mangtas internship unique. You know you're an intern but they make you feel like you're working with them for a long time.”

Trisha is the creative lead for Mangtas. She’s the creative force behind Mangtas’ podcast: Mangtas Nation. She uses Adobe Audition for audio editing. She’s also skilled at Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator as she’s behind Mangtas Nation’s stunning logo as well. On promotional videos for the podcast, she uses Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Hero describes his internship experience as “extraordinary.”

“My internship is extraordinary because Mangtas was able to give us more than a month’s worth of learning experience and things to add to our portfolio. It’s as if we have been working with Mangtas for so long already. To add to that, working with a startup that allows us to collaborate and contribute just as much as its regular employees makes us feel like working from home isn’t working at home at all. Our ideas transcended more than what we see on our screens from the daily meetings we have regularly.”

Hero is the content writer for Mangtas.  Since childhood, he has loved reading and writing and it’s just appropriate that he is responsible for most of the content of the blogs and articles for the startup. Collaborating about the appropriate topics to entice readers to skim through Mangtas and grab their attention is what he does most. Every article you see has for sure, been meticulously planned, thought out, researched, written, proofread, rewritten, and reread again. Every piece that Hero has written has been transformed into a work of art.


That’s right, everyone in Mangtas has their own distinct role and behind every intern are skilled supervisors to guide them through every step of the way.  This makes internships at Mangtas exciting and educational.

Ultimately, Mangtas leaves no man behind. Here at Mangtas, we take on the word “teams” with utmost seriousness, because every individual with the right amount of guidance can mean the difference between an underperforming startup, to an efficient one.

Be part of our team now. Intern with us!


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