Airwallex vs Stripe vs Paypal: The Top 3 Payment Gateways for Businesses, Compared

When it comes to the security, convenience, and flexibility that your company requires to support eCommerce activity, not all payment gateways are created equal. In this article, we showcased the top 3 payment gateways for businesses. Read on for more!

Airwallex vs Stripe vs Paypal: The Top 3 Payment Gateways for Businesses, Compared

Choosing the right online payment platform can be daunting. You need to decide what is best suited for you and your business and be aware of the fees involved.

When it comes to selecting the finest payment gateway, a high level of trust is required. For one, you must absolutely be certain that the platform is secure enough to handle the transaction safely. Next, there must also be the assurance that the client’s information is kept safe and not distributed to third parties.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an online payment platform that you can integrate into your website to allow a seamless transaction from discovery up to the purchase phase of the buyer’s purchase journey.

Notice that we use the word ‘seamless’ because it has to be. Client’s are often presented with a payment gateway that is either old school or very inefficient. This may jeopardize your sale – as that allows your customers to make payments to you.

It's the software that takes your clients'​ credit card or bank account information, transfers it to your bank account, securely validates their card information, and certifies that the transaction is valid.

This sounds simple because it is, in theory. Your payment gateway serves as the link between you, your customers, and your bank accounts.

Your online payment processor serves as the online equivalent of a physical card transaction. Because there is no physical card to be tapped onto an EFTPOS machine, the payment gateway handles this interaction for you

What you should look for in a payment gateway:

Low Fees

When choosing the right payment gateway, we want to ensure that we aren't being charged a fortune for their services. To make sure that we're getting the best value for use, always check for monthly fees, cost per transaction, and international exchange fees.

Payout in Multiple Currencies

When running an international business, offering multiple currencies makes it easier for international consumers to purchase and avail of the products or services offered.

This will enable business owners to display prices in the customer’s local currency and get payouts in their own currency.

Ease of Implementation

Nobody wants a headache when setting up a payment gateway. Make sure it's easy to implement, intuitive to use, and suits your business​ needs.


Choose an online payment platform that integrates smoothly, with an API that seamlessly connects with your site and allows the flexibility you need for your growing business.

Take a look at the top 3 payment gateways for international eCommerce, and see what's right for you and your business.

Among the various payment options that we have encountered, these are by far the online payment solutions that excel in terms of trust and security. They manage payment information in a highly secure environment, lowering the risk of fraud.


Stripe Payments is software that enables individuals and businesses to accept online payments by providing the necessary banking infrastructure, technical expertise, and fraud prevention for the successful operation of online payment systems.

Stripe promotes an extremely user-friendly interface and very responsive customer service, making it a very popular and in-demand payment gateway all over the world.

It is one payment gateway with a dependable and useful API that includes built-in analytics such as Sigma and Radar, where Sigma serves as their reporting tool and Radar provides advanced fraud protection.

Another distinguishing feature of this impeccable online payment platform is that it includes a free card swiper that quickly connects to any phone, allowing you to conduct transactions while on the go.

As a result, Stripe strikes the right note in terms of executing payments over the internet with complete ease and security.



  • Sales: 1.75% + a $0.30 fixed fee
  • 2% for Mastercard and Visa cards issued in India
  • 3.5% for American Express cards issued in India
  • 3% for cards issued outside of India


  • Sales: 2.9% + a $0.30 fixed fee
  • 4.3% for all cards

Source: Saasworthy, Stripe


Airwallex is one of the first online payment processors to offer flexible settlement in up to ten different major currencies, which means customers can pay in their local currency, such as USD, and you can receive and hold USD without having to convert it back into your home currency.

This flexibility allows merchants to receive and hold multiple currencies without incurring outrageously high currency conversion fees, while also allowing them to pay in foreign currencies or convert when the time comes.

For added security, your account has two-factor authentication enabled. Airwallex US, LLC is a FinCEN-registered Money Service Business.


  • Domestic payments: No fees
  • International payments: No fees
  • EUR, AUD GBP & USD Global Accounts: No fees
  • Batch Payments: No fees
  • FX Margin: 0.5% or 1% above interbank

Source: Airwallex


PayPal is widely recognized online. As the original payment gateway, it has had the time and opportunity to perfect its offering, so it understands the pain points of both businesses and consumers. It has built up enough brand equity that users barely give it a second thought while using it.

Supported in over 200 countries, PayPal is a broad-reaching, flexible eCommerce payment gateway solution that integrates with most platforms.

However, while PayPal excels in terms of ease of use and brand recognition, its major drawbacks are its fees and speed. When withdrawing funds from your bank account, you can expect delays of up to 3-5 days.


  • Domestic sales: 2.6% + a fixed $0.30 fee
  • International sales: 3.6% + a fixed $0.30 fee
  • Micropayments: a flat $0.05 fixed fee
  • Currency conversion: 4%
  • Withdrawing USD to a nominated USD account: 3%

Source: Saasworthy, PayPal

Two Considerations When Choosing Your Gateway

Trying to decide which payment gateway to use? Ask yourself these two questions:

1 - Will it easily integrate with my website/platform?

Choosing the best online payment platform for a business will largely be driven by the website's Content Management System or CMS, and which gateway seamlessly integrates into it.

2- Will this gateway help my business grow?

Does the online payment processor offer a seamless checkout process for your clients and/or customers? Are there any delays or hitches? You want to create a smooth, simple, and hassle-free process for your clients.

While it may be tempting to choose the gateway that costs the least, it's not always the most ideal choice. Ultimately, low-cost solutions can drive clients away due to an unpleasant experience. Put yourself in the shoes of clients. What will keep them coming back again and again?


Growing a business is exciting. Seeing sales pour in is like a shot of energy that keeps you going even when things get rough.

If you are looking into expanding internationally, it is best to choose a flexible platform that allows transactions in multiple currencies, however, keep a close eye on those fees! These can build up and easily eat at your profit margins.

Bottom line, depending on your type of business, we highly recommend you do your research and find out what is best suited for you.

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