Agorapulse vs. Eclincher: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Looking for the right scheduling and reporting social media tool? You got it! Based on our experience, check out this comparison we made of Agorapulse and Eclincher to see what suits your business’ needs best!

Agorapulse vs. Eclincher: What Are the Pros and Cons?

A social media management tool is an essential fragment in creating your content and marketing strategies.

These tools enable you to become more efficient social media managers and marketers, especially in the digital age.

Most social media management tools have a scheduling, reporting, and analytics features. You can plan your content ahead, and even integrate your social media calendar so that you can stay on top of your schedule.

Aside from that, they can provide insights for your social profiles that can help you enhance your content planning and improve your marketing strategies.

Are you currently looking for the best social media management tool for your team? Fear no more! These two tools just might have what you need.

Our team conducted a search for the best social media management tool that would help our marketing team’s efficacy.

In this blog, we’ll be introducing you to two of the social media management tools that we’ve tried: Agorapulse and Eclincher.


Agorapulse is a scheduling, reporting, and analytics tool.

Its interface is user-friendly and is easy on the eyes. It supports your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business social media profiles.

They can also produce visually appealing and customizable reports.

One feature that appealed to us was the approval feature.

It enables the content scheduler to ask other users, a.k.a. the admin, to approve the content before posting. This enables the team to save time for post approvals as it’s already integrated in the app.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of Agorapulse based on our experience:


  • Easy UI for scheduling
  • Great summary & visual of reports, can detect the performance of blog posts on LinkedIn; easy exporting
  • Posts are posted on time (FB)
  • Has a library for media
  • Has a chrome extension
  • Has a mobile app
  • Easy filtering of inbox per social profile


  • Multiple image posting (IG) can only be scheduled using the mobile app
  • The schedule serves as a reminder for the post, the user still has to post it manually
  • Does not support Pinterest yet
  • The email used for your YT account should be used for the sign-up
  • Can’t schedule article posts (LI)
  • No desktop app
  • Does not allow simultaneous usage
  • Reporting doesn't have hashtag analytics

Pricing billed monthly:

  • Pro: US$99, 10 social profiles & 2 users
  • Premium: US$249, 20 social profiles & 4 users
  • Enterprise: custom pricing, 40+ social profiles & 8+users

You can see more details of their pricing plans here or book a demo with them.


Similar to Agorapulse, Eclincher is also a scheduling, reporting, and analytics tool.

Reporting and analytics were spot on with Eclincher. It was the top feature that we initially noticed and it comes at a good price.

Unfortunately, they can’t detect the performance of your LinkedIn articles (but it would work great for you if you don’t have that type of content!)

Like Agorapulse, they also have an interface that’s easy to learn and understand.

There are several social media profiles that you could connect with Eclincher. This includes: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and even TikTok!

Below are the pros and cons of Eclincher based on our experience:


  • Easy UI for scheduling
  • Good summary of reports and easy exporting
  • Has a chrome extension
  • Has a mobile app
  • Pinterest social profile connection is available
  • Allows simultaneous use of an account (2-3 devices can access per account based on trial)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reporting has hashtag analytics


  • Multiple-image posting or carousels on Instagram is not supported
  • API issue - no way to manage Instagram stories
  • They can’t detect the article posts’ performance on LinkedIn
  • Can’t schedule LinkedIn article posts
  • No desktop app

Pricing when billed monthly:

  • Basic: US$59, 10 social profiles & 1 user
  • Premier: US$119, 20 social profiles & 3 users
  • Agency: US$219, 40 social profiles & 6 users

Check the details of their plans here or simply book a demo with them!

Here’s a short summary of ratings of Agorapulse and Eclincher’s features based on the reviews from G2. Agorapulse received a total of 818 reviews while Eclincher has 376 reviews.


Instagram doesn’t allow third-party tools to publish multiple-image posts yet that’s why both tools didn’t have that feature. As for the LinkedIn articles, there is no scheduling feature for it yet, even on LinkedIn itself.

Anyhow, both Agorapulse and Eclincher delivered good results. Your decision will now depend on your business’ needs.

You can always use the free trials for both social media management tools to see for yourself!

If you’re looking for more options for your business, you can check out our “Best Free Start-up Tools” and subscribe to our blog for more articles like this.