9 Qualities that Make a Great Software Developer

What makes a great software developer? In this article, we’ll talk about the important qualities that many people overlook. Whether you’re an aspiring developer who wants to learn about these essential qualities or you’re a client looking for the top tech talents, read on!

9 Qualities that Make a Great Software Developer
A great software developer should have the right attitude, must be reliable on the commitments made, and is always eager to learn more. A great developer understands and develops client-centric solutions and is open for feedback.
-Hardeepsinh Sarvaiya, CTO of Mangtas

Developers that succeed in their careers, take on challenging projects, and contribute to the creation of world-class solutions have a few traits in common.

More importantly, it appears that these traits contribute to their general happiness and satisfaction.

After working with thousands of developers, we have been able to pinpoint 9 qualities that distinguish a great software developer from the rest.

1. A Positive Attitude

A great software developer is interested in the success of a project.

They are optimistic, willing to go the extra mile to complete the task, and consistently give it their all.

A great developer will step up and release the product as soon as possible when they need to bring a product to market or launch a specific feature by a deadline simply because they care.

Great developers don't allow their ego to stand in the way of receiving helpful criticism.

When developers are given compelling projects to work on, when they feel like they own their work, and when they receive appreciation for their efforts, a positive attitude is fostered.

2. Supreme Communication Skills

Good communication skills are directly related to good development skills.

A great software developer can clearly identify problems, deconstruct them into hypotheses, and then coherently provide solutions.

They have quick conceptual understanding and will ask the proper questions to clarify topics.

They don't need to have every detail included in a specifications document.

Great developers can effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical workers. They also communicate with coworkers and clients without any issues.

3. Good Time and Task Management

A great software developer is very reliable.

They are committed to their work and arrive on time for meetings.

A crucial skill is the ability to estimate the amount of time required to finish a task, convey it, and deliver on it.

Instead of being managed, great developers succeed at managing their customers or leaders.

4. Quick Learning Ability

Amazing self-learners tend to be great software developers.

They can quickly pick up new languages and technology by themselves, and they frequently do so for personal interest outside of work.

They are capable of processing information and making connections on the fly.

Every developer will encounter a problem for which they have no solution; but a great developer will always look for alternative resources, speak with the relevant people, and come up with a workable solution.

Knowing how to learn is the most valuable ability someone can have, and great developers have perfected the art of self-learning.

5. Deep and Broad Technical Experience

Great software developers are proficient in a variety of technologies and have worked with a select few long enough to become experts in them.

Finding a developer who has experience with a product that is comparable to the client’s product or that makes use of the same technology is undoubtedly advantageous.

Successful developers will adhere to coding standards and write code that is clear and commented on so that it may be readily transferred to another developer.

They can swiftly come up with the best solutions thanks to the combination of their cognitive skills and varied industry experience.

A great developer is knowledgeable with industry best practices, such as agile development and task-management tools like Jira and Trello.

6. A Good Team Player

Being able to assist other developers in improving is another outstanding quality of great software developers.

They assist teammates when they are stuck, impart new knowledge to others, and provide documentation that will be useful to teammates both within their company and throughout the developer community.

They should also be able to handle the subtle interpersonal dynamics of working in a diverse team and, if necessary, resolve conflicts amicably.

7. Big-Picture Focus

Great developers consider the bigger picture of how their work will affect the system and user experience as a whole rather than just doing tasks that are given to them.

They want assurance that the feature they are developing will be highly valued.

They are prepared to speak up when a change request would jeopardize another feature or use of the software.

8. Curiosity

Great problem solvers also make great software developers.

They use their curiosity to solve important challenges. The more curious they are, the better.

They are motivated to learn new languages, explore, and seek out novel solutions with curiosity.

When building a project, curiosity is crucial to know why something isn't working as expected and to know other ways to achieve goals.

Being inquisitive rather than critical and judgmental can make the difference between a project's success and failure. They are open-minded to fresh perspectives and approaches.

Curious minds and creative imaginations are where the best concepts and solutions originate.

9. Love of Learning

According to John Krystynak, “genuine commitment to continuous learning” is one of the key qualities that make a great software developer.

Developers “have to love the fundamental practice of going from not knowing to knowing, every single day” otherwise they won’t excel. This is especially true in the field of technology.

While having one’s own style of doing things is beneficial, it is critical that developers branch out from their comfort zone.

Developers who love learning can do tasks more quickly.


The top three things I look for in tech talent are software development fundamentals, communication skills, and the willingness (and the ability) to understand new problem domains.
-Wouter Delbaere, CEO of Mangtas

The tech sector is experiencing a shortage of exceptional talent.

We need as many great software developers as we can find, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to find excellent programmers.

Great developers desire to work on interesting projects and are in high demand.

Book a free consultation with us today if you want the best talent working for you!

The wonderful thing about these 9 qualities is that they are available to everyone and anyone who is already a good software developer and wants to be a great one.

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