7 Tips to Make Work From Home Work for You

The work from home set up is expected to stay and increase in 2023. But not all people have totally adjusted to it. But don’t worry, we are here to help! We have compiled some tips to help you work from home – successfully. Read on!

7 Tips to Make Work From Home Work for You

Remote working is now a part of the new normal. Experts say that the work from home set-up is here to stay and may even increase in 2023.

Working in the comfort of your own space and time may sound like rainbows and butterflies. No more getting up two hours early to get ready, no more battles to fight just to get a ride to the office or difficult manoeuvres through traffic jams.

What a dream!

But don’t celebrate just yet. Working from home (WFH) is not all wistful and dreamy. Combining your personal and work spaces can also lead to a chaotic and tumultuous environment in the long run, especially if you are not doing it right.

The good thing is that many are kind enough to share some of their tips and tricks to hack the WFH system.

We have compiled the best ones and have listed them down for you.

Here are 7 tips to make work from home, work for you.

1. Communicate with people at home

WFH is sometimes referred to as working in isolation, but it’s not always the case.

Yes, you are the only one working at home, but you are not necessarily alone. You might have your roommate, your family, your pets, or even the delivery service (or local solicitors!) who can interrupt your zoom calls and your overall workflow.

Thus, make sure to communicate your concerns to anyone you share your space with.

Let them know your work schedule so they have an idea when and when not to bother you, give them a heads up when you have an upcoming meeting to avoid having people walking to and fro behind you during video conferences, and tell them exactly what you need like maybe lowering the volume of their music (or voices) when you are working.

You could not expect people to know what works for you in the office – so it would be best to directly communicate your requests to avoid an unpleasant co-living experience.

2. Stick to a schedule

One advantage of working from home is that you can control your own schedule or what they call “flexi-time”. This means you get to curate your personal working hours.

However, one of the disadvantages of flexi-time is that there is no regularity, which can lead to disorientation and eventually to unproductivity and inefficiency.

Hence, it is crucial to choose a schedule that best works for you and stick to it.

In fact, having a consistent work schedule is not only beneficial for WFH set-up. It has always been encouraged because studies have found that consistency in work schedules improves employees’ well-being and retention.

More so, sticking to a schedule also means having a definitive finishing time. This will help you have something to look forward to at the end of the day, and who wouldn’t want that, right?

3. Take breaks

How to take a break from always 'being on' | HRD New Zealand

You might think that taking breaks is common sense.

But we mean taking CLEAR breaks. Not the 5-minute break where you scroll on your phone watching videos nor the 3-minute break you take when you go to the rest room.

You have to take clear and uninterrupted breaks like getting in some movement in your body to get your blood flowing, preparing and eating some healthy snacks, or just moving around the house to get some fresh air.

These breaks should take your mind off work and let it get some of its much-needed rest. In this way, you’ll have a refreshed working-brain ready to take on any focused work.

4. Personalize your workspace

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Having a comfortable workspace is easily one of the most important factors in bringing about your best quality work.

And working from home means having the liberty to design and personalize your own workspace.

Research has already proven that you can work 15% more efficiently when you are in an “enriched” place that contains art, plants, and sensorial stimulations.

You can add your own touch based on your personality and characteristics! After all, nothing is more comfortable than being in your own little world.

You can be as simple as a minimalist by sticking to a color palette like whites, nudes, and earth tones. Or you can go as crazy as a hipster that displays plants, sculptures, and mandala tapestries all over the wall. It’s your call!

5. Pick a good internet provider