6 Benefits of Having a Shopify Developer in Your Team

Shopify developers do more than just touching-up on the glamour and style of one's website. They make sure that all the right ingredients are put in place to be effective in creating an attractive and seamless process when purchasing products. Read on!

6 Benefits of Having a Shopify Developer in Your Team

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a commerce platform where its developers help create the right store digitally.

Shopify is more significantly used in online stores where developers help create the right branding and administer the right UI/UX (User interface and user experience) suitable to the shop’s qualities.

They are most especially good at helping sellers by providing them the majority of the business tools that they will need in one, familiar place (Shopify, 2021).

The gap that Shopify wants to help address is the difficulty of building a store (or in this instance, an online store) from scratch. There are sellers who want to sell online but are not experts on web development. There are sellers who want to sell products without having a clue about how to even construct a marketplace, to begin with.

What is the currency? How would transactions go about overseas? Who will be responsible for shipping? How do we determine shipping fees? What are the payment options? What is the converting checkout? Search engine optimization (SEO)?

At the back of their minds, these are some of the logistics potential sellers wonder about when constructing an online store. Shopify helps answer these questions and many other marketing concerns regarding online selling.

Still, confused about what Shopify does? Think of it as a blueprint in helping you build your online store into a seamless, few-clicks-away type of process.

If a person asks someone to “create an online store for me,” it would seem absurd and the first question one would ask is “how?” Shopify is that how.

With Shopify, creating a store becomes easier and is made available to sellers willing to start a store at an entry-level, and sellers get Shopify developers to do the programming for them.

Shopify also allows for creating a Shopify application. This allows users to tap into pre-existing ecosystems and marketplaces giving new functionality to users once downloaded from the app store.

This application allows custom functionality to be installed and used by any existing Shopify users as a form of “extension” to standard Shopify functionality.

6 Benefits of Having a Shopify Developer in Your Team

1. They can make your site one of a kind

Shopify developers help one’s website to adhere to the preferred brand identity of the seller. More than that, being experienced at an array of web development with regard to creating stores, these Shopify developers know what feature is overused and overrated.

They give sellers templates for the look and feel of the store, and they refine it at the seller’s discretion.

This is an advantage even for experienced web developers who are not well familiar with how to code a certain feature. A Shopify developer will help them achieve the exact output that they prefer.

2. Shopify developers can turn your store into a sturdy, SEO and algorithm-backed digital store.

This is very important as nothing would practically sell if customers cannot discover the store. Shopify developers are meticulous in wording and helping the store be discovered in the internet.

These Shopify developers make sure that one’s store is placed at the forefront of possible stores that customers can browse and take a look at.

3. Allows sellers to focus on their business

Of course, sellers do not prefer to spend too much time on things that could easily be done by Shopify developers in minutes.

Having Shopify developers help save precious time and allows sellers to focus on the more intricate parts of the store like the content and the products to sell.

4. They help you with website maintenance

People sometimes choose to hire employees to maintain the online stores that they built from scratch. The funds reserved for these employees could instead be redirected to hiring Shopify developers.

Not only do these Shopify developers optimize the website to suit what’s best for users, they also help maintain it. This significantly reduces server downtime.

5. Marketing needs are made available

There’s already an existing ecosystem from Shopify that allows its sellers to easily market their products like social media.

For Twitter, for example, one can easily embed the “Buy Now” feature and redirect potential customers directly to the product on the website. On Facebook, one has the ability to add a “Shop” tab in the page and integrate the website with Facebook.

6. Better UI/UX (user interface and user experience)

In short, the whole functionality of the website itself and all other extensions in social media is optimized to the seller’s and the customer’s preferences. There’s nothing else to worry about plugins and other UI/UX problems that sellers might encounter had they built websites and stores from scratch. It is inevitable that one can come across certain difficulties and limitations. Shopify developers will be the ones to shoulder that problem.


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