6 Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines

There are a number of advantages when it comes to outsourcing business needs to the Philippines, with cost-effectiveness being on top of the list. Thinking of outsourcing to the Philippines? Read on to find out more!

6 Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Outsourcing has boomed now more than ever especially with the pandemic where businesses and organizations find themselves needing to outsource most of their projects online. Because of the heavy implementation of the work from home order in most countries, some business services are made possible through outsourcing.

This need to outsource sometimes leads us to ask: which country is the best place to outsource our needs to?

Here are 6 Advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines!

1. Exceptional English Proficiency

The Philippines is among the top non-native English speaking countries in the world (Where The Rooster Crows, n.d.). This has become an advantage as communicating won’t be something to worry about when outsourcing business needs to the Philippines!

The language barrier is one of the main concerns when it comes to this type of industry. This way, you’ll have strong members that are easy to understand, easy to spark conversations with, and with a more neutral accent!

2. Affordable costing

The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower as compared to many western countries. This essentially allows companies to outsource business needs to the Philippines at a lower cost.

This being said, hiring local employees may cost businesses twice as they would have saved when they instead outsource to the Philippines. All of which adds up to about 60% cost savings (Stranathan, 2019).

3. Greater access to talent

The Philippines is labeled as having many hardworking citizens. This trait already makes outsourcing to the Philippines a worthy choice. Filipinos are also composed of talented and educated employees with diverse skill sets capable of working in a multitude of environments.

Businesses can get the same level of talent and capabilities from the Philippines for a significantly cheaper rate than outsourcing to other nations where the cost would typically be more despite having/possessing the same skillset.

4. The Philippines is composed of young citizens who are technologically inclined.

The Philippines is considered a ‘young’ nation with an average age of 23 years old (Flatworld Solutions, 2021). Not only would businesses be getting young and eager employees, but they would also be acquiring fresh perspectives from the younger generation.

In addition, being demographically young generally equates to a workforce that is more tech-savvy and well-informed about trends. This is especially important for businesses who want to e.g. create a certain identity or promote awareness of their brand. Not only that, young Filipinos who possess adept knowledge about social media and different applications make outsourcing to the Philippines an extra plus!

5. Western Culture oriented.

Apart from language barriers, cultural barriers are very likely to also exist. Having been colonized by the Americans, there are a number of things in the western culture that Filipinos are accustomed to.

If there’s a country that has adopted a few characteristics of western culture (including food, language, education, and music), it’s going to be the Philippines. Filipinos diving into other countries’ culture isn’t a completely new playing field for them and this reason has made a lot of international businesses look into the Philippines as one of their main choices in the outsourcing of projects, and even businesses.

6. Strong government support

The outsourcing industry is heavily supported by the Philippine government. Recognizing the potential of outsourcing is something that needs to be emphasized in a global setting, and the Philippines has come off to a good start on this one.

The government works continuously further to maintain the global competitiveness of the Philippines and that means outsourcing-friendly laws are in place.

If you’re a start-up or a scale-up that has been looking for a specific type of business service you want to outsource, we are here to help. If you have been thinking about outsourcing your needs to a country like the Philippines, let Mangtas assist you in finding the right agency for you! Contact us in any of our social media channels or send a message to info@mangtas.com for your inquiries.

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