5 Reasons Why Go (Golang) is the Next Big Thing for Software Developers in 2022

5 Reasons Why Go (Golang) is the Next Big Thing for Software Developers in 2022
In the hundreds of programming languages surfacing in the world of software development, some are starting to flourish, and one of them is Go (Golang). What exactly makes Go a popular programming tool among many businesses today? Find out by reading on!

Go programming language, officially known as Go and also widely known as Golang, is a programming language conceptualized by Google.

Go (Golang) has similarities with C -- a tool for professional programmers. However, Go definitely goes beyond the updated version of C.

With the constant challenge among software developers to learn C++, Go has been found easier to learn thus explaining why many people are starting to learn the programming language. Here are the reasons why Go (Golang) is the next big thing in 2022!

1. Shallow learning curve

Go is designed to be learned quickly by many software developers today. This ensures programmers that less time is consumed trying to learn the language and more time is spent on coding and producing software from the language.

Go has been claimed to be teachable even to those with no background in programming. After a few lessons, those who have never programmed before are able to confidently code a simple HTTP server or a command-line app in a certain number of hours.

For beginners, Go is definitely one of the optimal choices when trying to learn programming languages. Go is almost as easy as PHP or even Pascal, some of the other programming languages there are, while still being as powerful as C++.

If this is the case, then professional software developers with previous programming backgrounds might work with Go much easier. In the fast and competitive landscape where businesses tend to keep up with the pace of the globe, Go will certainly be able to fill that gap.

2. Multithreading and Concurrency

As programming languages become more sophisticated and complicated over time because of the increasing quality of demands, legacy programming languages are starting to face a difficult resourcing issue. That is why today’s hardware needs a specific programming language that is capable of supporting concurrency and allows for future scalability for multi-core systems in the years to come.

Given the case, Go’s concurrent execution entails that programming, compiling, and execution are all done significantly faster.

3. Simplicity and Flexibility of Code

The main objective of creating Go is to fill the need for a simpler programming language to keep up with businesses today without sacrificing the quality of deliverables produced. This has been successfully achieved by Go.

Go has a relatively simple syntax that helps programmers develop applications faster than other languages.

Go is also flexible due to the reason that Go’s path to “data abstraction” and “object-oriented development” is remarkably agile. It is as if Go was created for easy mastery and to efficiently allow quick problem-solving inside the program, above all.

4. Presence of a large number of libraries

Simply put, a package is a directory in the program that stores source files, dependencies, and other similar packages. This package mechanism is an amazing feature of Go which many programmers underestimate.

Go is renowned for its wide range of libraries and packages. This is perhaps one of Go’s niches. These libraries and packages help software developers start using the programming language more productively, which allows them to learn how to take full advantage of Go to be able to write clear, efficient, and dynamic programs.

This makes working with Go (Golang) significantly more effective than other programming languages out there.

5. Inbuilt testing and profiling framework

Among many JavaScript programmers, there is the pain of trying to pick a testing framework for a project to be started from square one. The issues go about halfway through the coding only to realize that 80% of the framework they have chosen goes unused.

Go exists to address these pain points as it comes with a built-in testing tool designed for Go (Golang) programmers. Its clarity and effectiveness provide the simplest API possible. This can also be utilized for different testing and profiling to as little as learning about executable code examples.


Go addresses many issues that can easily be found in many programming languages today. However, Go, just as much as the other programs, isn’t perfect.

The truth is, there is no single programming language that can address every problem there is in the world of software development. This is the reason why multiple programming languages exist.

Can it be safe to say, however, that Go is one of the next big things among many programming languages there is? The answer is definitely a Yes.

While it possesses some drawbacks, the program leads to more efficient and simple workarounds among the most common issues that software developers frequently encounter today.

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