5 Outsourcing Myths Debunked

The pandemic has changed the way a lot of businesses think about outsourcing their processes. However, some organizations are still unsure about outsourcing and the benefits it can give to their businesses. What are some myths in the outsourcing arena and how true are these myths today? Read on!

5 Outsourcing Myths Debunked

1. Only big companies outsource

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the big companies that can afford to outsource. Startups outsource as well! Outsourcing is actually more beneficial for startups than enterprise-level companies because of the fact that it’s cost-effective.

This helps startups be conservative when it comes to their expenses and allow them to focus their finances on the most prioritized facets of growing the business.

It’s important for small and middle-sized companies to outsource especially if it’s time for them to start scaling. This enables them to break into higher profit margins and begin to catch up with the pace of enterprises.

The choice to outsource may be jagged for now. That’s why outsourcing companies such as Mangtas are also here to make things clearer in the outsourcing arena. Mangtas not only helps introduce what outsourcing is at the surface level, but Mangtas also connects businesses to agencies and teams suitable to the project needs of the startup.

If it helps, Mangtas is a startup as well!

2. With outsourcing, you drop your control over the project

Not true. In fact, a good outsourcing business partner lets their clients know the bits and pieces of every action being done. Moreover, these services are client-driven which caters to all their project preferences and requirements.

Businesses ought to have the same control whether choosing to outsource their business needs or otherwise. Transparency allows outsourcing partners to develop a good professional bond with each other, and that is something that’s worth building trust over.

Finding a partner that’s fully committed to working and communicating with the organization is not a walk in the park, but it makes a big difference.

3. Cultural differences make outsourcing difficult

In the beginning, cultural barriers may play a part in the difficulty of finding an outsourcing vendor partner. However, what unites these businesses together is the passion for accomplishing projects together.

The truth is, it’s not the cultural differences that make outsourcing difficult, but instead it’s the daunting project requirements and exaggerated expectations many businesses impose when outsourcing.

Cultural differences can always be resolved with proper communication between partners. The world is more integrated than many people think, and outsourcing is something that should bring businesses across the seas together more than it should be setting them apart.

4. Outsourcing makes you lose employees

Many businesses fear the loss of employees when outsourcing. Proper communication about the benefits of outsourcing would help minimize this possibility.

On the contrary, employees would be grateful knowing that the whole burden of responsibility is not left to themselves alone. However, it is important to make clear every aspect of the project being outsourced, and the tasks that remain to the employees.

In the end, outsourcing should ideally strengthen employee loyalty more than it should result in businesses losing them.

5. Outsourcing is easy

Outsourcing comes with its own pros, but being easy is not one of them. Truth be told, outsourcing is hard. Maintaining the partner’s trust, establishing specific goals and objectives with regard to projects, and keeping progress in check are burdensome.

“The reality that outsourcing isn’t standardized and every deal is unique to each client’s business, technical, functional, and financial requirements. And that just addresses the deal structure,” says Tanowitz.

Cutting the deal is the tip of the iceberg. Going through the actual project is the challenge.

Outsourcing is not going to get any easier any time soon. But the thing is, no project is completed without struggle. Outsourcing is something that businesses should see worthy of diving into despite the difficulty, because at the end of the day, outsourcing gives out more benefits that help in the fundamental growth of many businesses, not just today, but also in the future. The time to outsource is now.

If you are looking into outsourcing your business needs with a specific team, Mangtas can give you the right one! At Mangtas, we carefully vet teams in order to match them with clients in the best way possible. We also make sure that deals are cost-effective and less time-consuming. Reach out to us in the comments or send us an email here!