5 Common Pitfalls in Outsourcing

For most businesses, especially for start-ups, everything seems to be on hyperdrive. When it comes to outsourcing, slowing down helps ensure you are able to surmount your challenges and not make it BE the challenge. Read on!

5 Common Pitfalls in Outsourcing

1. Hiring without a plan

Many businessmen expedite outsourcing without a firm plan in both the short term and long term. Companies need an efficient blueprint to guide themselves and their outsourced partners especially when outsourcing. Failure to do so hits both ways, as an eagerness to offload work to their outsourced partner may lead to disasters to the partnership.

The perks of outsourcing may glimmer too brightly that organizations hastily grab them at first glance. First, get to know the service one is diving into and the team to be partnered with before doing anything heedlessly.

It’s important to take things slow while every action and plan is intricately being mapped out. On another note, it’s necessary to understand the functions of the outsourcing partner, as well as, figure out how much one can afford before availing of a service.

2. Not measuring performance

When one chooses to outsource, most aspects of a project are taken out of one’s sight. Depending on the outsourced partner, there is a possibility that this leads to a dissatisfactory project outcome and a distressing partnership.

Outsourced partners must be carefully assessed before, during, and after project execution. Outsourcing is not an excuse to render organizations incapable of knowing a partner that delivers shabby work when they see one.

While trust is an important factor to consider in outsourcing, it certainly does not hurt to implement measurement standards to ensure both parties that deliverables are adhered to and quality of output is met.

3. Failing to communicate

By failing to communicate, problems that would have otherwise been avoided had stakeholders just made proper communication is likely to occur. Communication should not end the moment deals are agreed upon. Contrary to popular belief, it should increase even more. The key to building trust and rapport with partners is proper communication.

A sign of good communication means letting stakeholders and outsourced partners know exactly what needs to be done. A companion of good communication is transparency. Being upfront about aspects that need improvement benefits the relationship between organizations and outsourced partners and it allows them to deliver better projects.

If expectations and project demands are well-defined and agreed upon prior to engaging with providers, the quality of output will greatly improve.

4. Outsourcing everything

Outsourcing everything leaves nothing for an organization’s own growth. It is not beneficial to offload everything that comes to one’s desk, primarily because some core processes must stay in-house.

Breaches in data privacy are likely to occur in data-sensitive projects that are outsourced. In this situation, it is a better choice to hire and train employees to avoid such complications.

5. Committing too quickly

Being quick on the trigger when accepting good outsourcing deals at first glance is truly tempting. However, committing too quickly disallows organizations to seek ultimately find better deals with better higher quality output. Sometimes, people only get what they paid to pay for while other times, they get more than what they paid for.

Do not let significantly cost-effective deals blur one’s vision in outsourcing. Somewhere out there, there are perfect deals that haven’t seen the light of day just because organizations were just not have not been looking hard enough.

It’s important to look into many explore several outsourcing deals and weigh each benefit and disadvantage before finally choosing the perfect partner for certain projects.  At the end of the day, it’s going to be for the welfare of one’s organization.


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