4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Go (Golang) Developer in Your Business Today

In the many programming languages for software development out there, Go (Golang) is one that’s becoming eye candy for most businesses. Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a Go (Golang) developer in your team! Read on!

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Go (Golang) Developer in Your Business Today

Go language, or better known as Golang, is a programming language conceptualized by Google. Go is among the leading programming languages in 2021 and will only boom in 2022! If you are looking into hiring a Golang developer, here are 4 reasons that should justify you hiring one today!

1. Go developers like it quick and simple

Among the characteristics of the Go language is that it’s quick and simple. With the globe’s rapid pace in business technology, people including software developers are starting to worry about whether or not things are done quickly. Go is the perfect fit for businesses because Go developers are quick in the language which assures you that your business can keep up with competitors worldwide.

Even though coding can sometimes take longer than expected, Go has this clear syntax structure throughout the coding process. This assures you that every code is seamless despite so.

Golang being hailed as a quick and simple programming language does not necessarily mean that all quality is taken away. In fact, this is what makes Go developers even more commendable. They’re able to code faster than most web developers while they produce good quality output.

2. Go developers are adept at Go language

As compared to most programming languages, Go has a very shallow learning curve. With other software and web developers, they must painstakingly learn the language for a set period before they can call themselves experienced at it. And even by then, they may still struggle at some aspects of the language. By the time they conquer their learning curve, Go developers have already finished producing quality output.

Go developers spend most of their time not on learning Go, but on trying to improve the quality of their product, and it makes all the difference. Go developers are adept at Go language because it’s easy to learn and use. By this, they can render their time working on their coding and collaborating with businesses more than what the other programming languages can offer.

3. Go language is well-scaled

Goroutines take only up to 2kB of memory. This allows them to be scalable during times when several concurrent processes are needed. When compared to Java threads, Go is a hybridized version of JavaScript’s async method and Java’s classic multi-threading method. Java threads are heavyweight and are “inherently blocking.”

You can generally run a significant number of Goroutines without the fear of your system crashing where the language eats up most of your memory. This is a significant advantage for Go developers and Go language against their competitors because the software is proven to be leaner.

4. Go language is the next big thing in 2022

Businesses are starting to realize Go’s potential as a quick programming language that’s designed to be at par with other unnecessarily complicated and heavyweight programming languages in 2022. According to Savvycom, Go is the most in-demand programming language on the planet. Many businesses are gradually becoming aware of this fact. This, in turn, then results in a growing pool of talent for Go.


Go being the next big thing surely creates a number of possibilities for software developers in 2022. Although Go has a few lapses and for sure is far from being perfect, who’s to say that any programming language is? Hire a Go developer now and watch your software development projects gradually come to fruition!

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