3 Singapore-based Startups that Promote Sustainability

Looking for sustainable partners for your business? Check out these businesses and their ways of helping save the environment. Read on!

3 Singapore-based Startups that Promote Sustainability

One of our previous blogs featured 5 Asian Startups that help combat climate change. In this blog, we are adding 3 more startups that share the same mission, encouraging businesses and individuals in saving the environment.

1. Carb0n.fi

Landing page of Carb0n.fi

In one of our recent podcast episodes, we’ve invited BreeAnne Yek, the co-founder and CEO of carb0n.fi, to talk about their mission.

Carb0n.fi is a Singapore-based startup that uses blockchain technology to offer great incentives in carbon-trading markets. To put their mission in simple words, it is to reduce global carbon emissions.

They have an application that enables companies and individuals to track an estimate of their carbon footprints. In this application, they use blockchain technology which allows for a transparent, credible, and more accurate calculation of carbon emissions.

In our podcast interview with Bree, this is how carb0n.fi's system works in a nutshell: buying their native token called $ZRO allows the users or token owners to choose which projects carb0n.fi should approach first. When these projects have curated offsets, the users can buy and sell these offsets with discounts.

This system incentivizes its users with carbon offset NFTs (cNFTs) which encourages them to transact and help fund the offset projects on their platform.

Having a reward system, like what carb0n.fi offers a good way to encourage individuals, SMEs, and real-world companies to do the right thing for the environment.

2. Handprint

Landing page of Handprint

Founded in Singapore, start-up Handprint was launched in 2020.  

Their services are already being used by well-known companies such as Lazada, SaladStop, and Teads. Their name, Handprint, represents the opposite of a carbon footprint, emphasizing the actions we can take to create a positive impact on Earth.

Handprint is a Regeneration as a Service platform that allows businesses to choose a verified impact project from their partners, track the growth of their positive impact, and generate customer engagement. To mention some causes that their partners support, there are reforestation projects, ocean health, gender equality, and safe water.

With the use of blockchain technology and satellite imagery, Handprint can cut down intermediary costs by up to 80%, allowing the majority of the funds to reach grassroots projects led by their environmental or social impact partners.

Their system allows both businesses and their chosen partners to grow and increase their positive impact together.

3. Teorra

Like carb0n.fi and Handprint, Teorra is also a Singapore-based company.

They are a B2B platform that allows both brands and suppliers to benefit from a sustainable partnership. The brands and suppliers on their platform are those who look for sustainable products and those who provide them, respectively.

Teorra carefully vets the suppliers that they bring on board their platform to help brands have access to sustainable products that they need. Their platform also allows suppliers to promote their products, helping their brand’s image grow globally.

Transparency is also one of the values that they offer to their partner brands. While making everything accessible, they also allow you to measure your business’ impact in choosing sustainable products.

If your company is looking for partners that offer sustainability, tap into these businesses and get to know how they can help you grow while helping save the environment!