3 Reasons Why You Need a Data Engineer in Your Team

Most businesses have now gone through digital transformation allowing them to collect necessary data for their business’ growth. These data sets can be utilized well with the help of data engineers. Read on to see more reasons why you need a data engineer in your team!

3 Reasons Why You Need a Data Engineer in Your Team

Every business runs on data gathering, analyzing, and interpreting.

Big or small, all companies rely on data to create their strategies and make major business decisions.

In the field of data science, data engineering has become an in-demand job but with low supply. The reason for this demand is that businesses have started to realize the value that a data engineer can add to their company.

Data engineers are responsible for designing and creating systems for storing and analyzing data. They work with data pipelines, big data storage and processing, and model ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).

Listed below are 3 reasons why having a data engineer in your team is a must, and not just an option:

Organized Data

Data engineers work closely with data scientists and analysts. They help make the data easier to decipher and interpret, resulting in better analysis and interpretation.

Processes such as cleaning and organizing data sets are made easier by data engineers, making raw data useful for the company. This also enables data scientists or analysts in your team to focus solely on their job.

If you’re building a startup, a data engineer is an ideal member of your team. With fewer data, a data engineer can still work seamlessly as they can also handle a data scientist’s job.

Continuous Data Flow

As storing, organizing, and analyzing data are part of a data engineer’s role, they allow data to keep flowing. These processes also entail one of their main roles, which is creating a data pipeline.

A data pipeline prepares the raw data for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and system applications.

Having a continuous data flow enables your company to make informed business decisions, predict trends, and generate new innovations over time.

Foundation Building

Data engineers gather and systematize different sorts of data. From the internal data of a business to the external data, which can include their products and customers’ data.

These pieces of information are used to establish the business. Being able to gather and utilize these data allows your company to have a foundation built on accurate decisions enabling growth.

A data engineer in your team can help build this foundation through means of creating smooth workflows and software solutions.


Before, data scientists were expected to create the pipelines and infrastructures for their work. However, those tasks weren’t really in the scope of their skillset.

Now that data engineers have come to light; data scientists and analysts’ work are made easier.

Having people with this special skill set will help your company grow by making innovations possible. Data engineers make your data reliable to create wise and informed business decisions allowing your company to scale up.

These processes are essential for your company’s development, especially now that we are in the age of digital transformation.

It’s important to stay on top of your game and this can be done by having the right people in your team.